Secret Code 46 : Who wrote the bible?

Forty six is the (clue to the) answer. 46.

Forty six tells you who wrote the bible, in a secret code written in the bible itself. Just go buy the King James Authorised Version (completed in 1610 AD) unless you have one already. By the way, 1610 = 35*46 in case you hadn't noticed; more numerological evidence proving that 46 is the correct clue!

Remember 46 is the key to the secret code in the bible answering your question "Who wrote the bible (or translated the 1610 version into English at least)?

So turn to Psalm 46 please. Now count through the words and write down the 46th word thereof. Now go to the end of Psalm 46 and count back 46 words from the end, writing down that word just behind the first one.

If are wondering Psalm 46 is the exact center of the King James Bible

The answer to your question "Who wrote the bible?"!
Those two words are "shake" "spear".

More proof needed? In 1610 (when the bible was completed) Shakespear was 46 years old.

Fortysix is verily the coded clue in the Bible! And now comes the recursive question : Is there a hidden code in Shakespeare's works too?